Welcome to Magellan India

Magellan Teleservices was established with the objective of providing the operation and maintenance of electrical infrastructure equipment for the BTS Cell Sites and extending required skills and resources for Telecom Networks

Why Magellan

We are a Customer Focused organization. In order to achieve higher levels of efficiency, we have eliminated conventional layers of management and designed a non hierarchy system, which lays emphasis on empowered teams. We have the ability to quickly build up teams for project specific requirements. The project team is an empowered entity, designed to give quick responses. We will understand and fulfill our customers’ needs and provide responsible solutions.

Professional Services

We have a large pool of talented and trained manpower. Training is provided to our manpower on regular intervals in order to enhance his service to the customers. We encourage technicians to put forward their new ideas in the challenging industry. All individuals who work putting forth their blend of talent, enthusiasm and ambition are the reason that our technicians are providing able support at MSCs.